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Spa Retreat Gift Box

We did the shopping for you this Mother's Day! Have a spa retreat in your own home! Surprise your loved one with a beautiful handcrafted gift box that will surely calm their day! 

Maison Farola Everlasting bouquet and vase: Beautiful and everlasting. This hand-crafted selection of dried floral is designed by Maison Farola to complement the high quality products carefully selected for Detroit Box. 

Nash and Jones: Luxe headband

Our Super Soft Luxe Cloth headband has a velcro closure for the easiest way to pull back hair for cleansing/masks/applying make-up/etc. Machine washable.

One Essence: Shower Steamer

You haven't lived until you have tried a shower burst! These natural shower delights are easy to use and blast your shower with your favorite Essence One blend.

Pink Magnolia Card: Enjoy a message printed on an appealingly soft and hefty card stock, that is a delight to touch and use. Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Nash and Jones Lip Balm: Velvet smooth all natural balm for true hydration that lasts, natural butters and avocado oil to sink deep with a hint of peppermint to cool and soothe.


Bath Savvy’s lavender soap: Lavender is known to cleanse and relax the mind. This soap is ultra-moisturizing healing to damaged skin cells, and a natural antimicrobial!

Bath Savvy’s lavender bath bomb: Relax in the soothing scent of Lavender flowers added to each bomb for a spa-like pampering bath.

Manna Kadar: MK Luxe Hand Lotion

MK Moisturizing Hand lotion formulated with Lotus Flower Oil provides moisture and antioxidants to help stimulate cell turnover. Now your skin can be as firm as your handshake.

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